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Packard 0.7mm 20 degree bend, reverse bevel, blue (AMO/B&L compatible)

The Packard Phaco Tips are available in several variations, bevels, and are made for most current phaco machines.
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SKU: PT-32630-B


We had the opportunity to work with Richard Packard MD, to create a phaco tip that increases visibility and efficiency, while working in even the smallest incisions. The Packard Phaco tip features a 0.7mm outer diameter which allows access for coaxial phaco in a 1.8mm incision. By using the Packard Pacho tip, you may see benefits of:
  • More Efficiency. Research shows the Packard Phaco Tip to be more efficient than a standard 0.9mm tip. The smaller designed tip is excellent for creating grooves in divide-and-conquer and burrowing deep into the nucleus during chop methods of nuclear fragmentation
  • More Visibility. The smaller profile Packard Phaco Tip allows for 20% more visibility than standard 0.9mm tips.
  • More Room to Work. The 0.7mm outer diameter of the Packard Phaco Tip provides you with more room in your incision and access down to 1.8mm wounds.

Product Specs

COMPATIBLE WITH: AMO/Bausch & Lomb machines


SHIPPED QUANTITY: 6 units per box.

USE: 20x Reusable